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21st October 2015 

RETURN ANNOUNCEMENT for Baader 1¼" O-III 8,5nm CCD Narrowband Filter (#2458435)
October 2015

Baader Planetarium has been manufacturing astronomical filters for more than 25 years. Apparently for the first time
ever, a number of 1¼ " OIII-CCD-filters HBW 8.5 nm (item no 2458435) has gone through QC without it being noticed
that some filters of that run produce halos on bright stars. All filters in stock have now been tested 100 % and it is
obvious that about 10 % of the 1¼" OIII filters showed this condition. No other production run of 31.7mm or other sizes of
OIII filters, or any other filter type or sizes have experienced this issue. We deeply regret this error.

Regularly our QC checks about 50 % of the production qty. Due to this finding we have increased QC to 100 % and can
positively rule out that any more filters with halos can go out the door.

For anyone who has been delivered a #2458435 Baader OIII 1¼" CCD-filter within 2014 or 2015 (as single filter or in a
filter set) which gives a noticeable halo around bright objects, we ask them to please contact us ( or your local / national distributor and send an image made with that filter, together with a proof of
payment. We will then immediately send a new filter directly to this customer in order to keep our customers and dealers
unharmed from extra freight charges. It is a matter of honor to retire the faulty filters after we have sent an exchange
(please dispose of the faulty filter as soon as you receive the replacement). Hence we make this announcement as
quickly and openly as we can, to reach everyone well before the end of this year so that we have a chance to send
replacements also all within this year.

We absolutely do beg our customers and dealers for pardon for this failure in production and QC, for the loss of time and
for the loss of good nights under the stars. Next year we are heading into our 50th year of supplying the Astrocommunity. Anyone using a Baader-product knows how hard we have tried throughout all of these years to please our
customers and to design products without planned obsolescence. It is our pleasure to correct this failure and to ensure
you that we will keep on doing this whenever we make an error. We are all human, but we stand behind our products

Thomas Baader

08th July 2014   -  New Baader Planetarium Dealer in Ireland

We are pleased to welcome Ktec Telescopes, Dublin, as a new Baader Planetarium Dealer for the Republic of Ireland.  Please find the Baader Planetarium section of their website HERE

July 1st 2013   -  New Baader Planetarium Sections pdf

Baader Planetarium published a Sections Overview Guide to help find products quickly on their website as it is recognised that this can be a difficult task.  Here is a link to the latest English language version just released here .  Please save it as a favourite in your web browser! As you will see this guide is also available as a PDF Guide here

November 14th 2011 - We have moved!

David Hinds Limited has moved! Our new address is:

David Hinds Ltd
Unit R
Cherrycourt Way
Leighton Buzzard

Our telephone number remains unchanged at 01525 852696.






11th May 2010 - NexStar 4 SE 'Best Buy' on C5's Gadget Show

Celestron NexStar 4 SE wins best buy award on C5 Gadget Show telescope review





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