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10m USB3.0 cable for Skyris Cameras
Item no. 2455050
SRP: £140.00

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This is a high quality, 10m, USB 3.0 cable, designed and tested for use with Celestron Skyris Imaging cameras. They have been manufactured to solve the problem of using a tower PC in the home, or having to place a laptop some distance from your telescope.

Please Note:

In tests with desktop PC's, those USB 3.0 slots at the rear side of the PC (nearest to the motherboard) are the only ones that work. Connectors in front of the housing mostly create problems because the internal wiring is not sufficient - also because these front-ports are not equipped with an additional power supply.
If you use a Laptop, it depends of the position of the USB-controller on the mainboard. You will have to test which connection works better - left or right (to see which is attached to motherboard)