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Hyperion Eyepiece T-Adaptor (M43/T-2)
Item no. 2958080
SRP: £15.00
Warranty: 24 Months

Hyperion Eyepiece T-Adaptor (M43/T-2)

This accessory adapts Baader Hyperion eyepeices to accept cameras via standard T-Rings for eyepiece projection photography.
The Hyperion fixed focal length eyepieces (set,  #2454600) or the Mark-III 8-24mm zoom eyepiece (#2454824A) feature a male M43 thread under the rubber eyeguard.
This adapter converts this 43mm thread to a male T2 thread, you then need to purchase the T-adapter for your particular camera and then attach that stack to your camera.
This can also be used in conjunction with #2958130 variable locking T-2 extension, or any other fixed length T-2 extension tubes.

Please note that this adapter cannot be used with the older Baader MkII Zoom Eyepiece