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Diamond SteelDrive System - With Separate Hand Control
Item no. 2957153
SRP: £365.00
Warranty: 24 Months

Steel drive system for Baader Diamond Steeltrack focusers with separate control box.

Temperature compensating Motor Drive for all classic Steeltrack® (BDS) Focusers. Standalone focus control via PC/USB with ASCOM-driver with separate Handcontroller

Standard Outfit (included items):
•Stepper motor with drive electronics in aluminium-case
•Timing belt, fitting Diamond SteelTrack finetuning knob
•Thermo probe with 1 m cable
•USB cable (2 m) for PC control, optional powered trough USB
•ASCOM-driver & SteelGo II-software

•Very easy adaption onto all Baader Diamond SteelTrack focusers (without focuser disassembly)
•Manual focuser functions remain fully accessible
•Thermoprobe reading 0,01°, with 0,1°C displayed
•Focusing resolution 2.3 micron with absolute positioning
•High torque / low power consumption. Lifts 3 kg load with 3 AA cells or with USB power
•Software-support also for other focussers


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