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Baader 30mm SkySurfer III Red Dot Finder
Item no. 2957300
SRP: £32.00
Warranty: 24 Months

** New Version** Baader 30mm SkySurfer III Red Dot Finder

The new SkySurfer III can also be used as a solar finder and now also attaches onto many binoculars and Spotting scopes. The rear section of the body has been modified to have additional body work for use as a solar aiming device.

**Please follow safety precautions when observing the Sun!**

Baader's zero power red dot finderscope featuring a 30mm optical aperture with anti-relective lens coatings.

Supplied with a score of bases to fit it onto virtually any telescope including all major brands.

The extra long lens housing acts as an effective dew cover. Unlike many other economy red dot finders the SkySurfer III features a large 30mm optical aperture and superior optical quality lens featuring optimised anti-reflection coatings which when all combined together, help to illuminate your targets successfully.

Please find more information in the attached manual and for further safety information visit Baader Planetarium Astroloar website

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