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MARK III Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom
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MARK III Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom

Usually, zoom lenses are credited with not so good quality. That's right. Most zoom eyepieces should be as inexpensive as possible and are therefore optically calculated for low magnification, and then the magnification is pulled up by displacement of the individual lens groups - which naturally suffers resulting image quality.

The reason for the success of our Hyperion zoom eyepiece, is that it is constructed the other way around. The optical polishing and the quality of all lens groups in the eyepiece is optimized and calculated for the highest magnification. There, the eyepiece is also its greatest apparent field because if you "zoom back" an object, is naturally also the visual field are greater - to remain clear.

Worldwide, the Mark III zoom eyepiece is popular with nature watchers, bird watchers and astronomers. It is also the only zoom eyepiece, which has been consistently designed and optimized for binocular observation.

The eyepiece is so variable provided that it is in all contemporary astronomical telescopes, but also to many spotting scopes already used in the basic equipment.