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Red CCD Filter 31mm unmounted
Item no. 2458474R
SRP: £75.00

31mm x 2mm Unmounted Baader RGB-CCD-Filters

Baader LRGBC-filters are available in the following sizes:

- 1 1/4"(w.cell mount)
- 2"(w.cell mount)
- 31mm Diam (unmounted)
- 50.8 mm Diam.(unmounted)
- 50x50 mm Square (ummounted)
- 36 mm Diam.(unmounted)
- 65x65 mm Square (ummounted)

Mounted filters feature a glass thickness of 2mm, unmounted filters feature a thickness of 3 mm. (Only Ø 36mm and Ø 31mm unmounted features a glass thickness of 2mm too)

True Optical Quality:  Baader glass substrates are of true optical quality.  Most other filters are merely made from raw flame-polished, "optically flat", or sometimes use a top quality commercially polished filter glass which is fine for camera filters, but can result in wavefront deformations that damage image sharpness and contrast when used with telescopes.  Baader Planetarium filters are made from striae-free substrates, and actually fineoptically polished flat to within 1/4 wave accuracy over the entire surface, plane parallel to within 30 seconds of arc!