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Teflon Brown Machine Grease -15°C up to +55°C
Item no. 2905105
SRP: £8.25
Warranty: 24 Months

Baader Teflon Brown Machine Grease -15°C up to +55°C is an important maintenance aid for astronomical mounts and telescope mirror fittings.

Every temperature range and mechanical purpose requires matched greases , having the necessary viscosity, thixotropic consistency, longevity and resistance against ageing, outgassing and  decomposition. Baader offer greases, that have proven their outstanding quality over decades – be it Antarctic or Desert application.

One tub, containing 10 cm3, is sufficient for one complete refurbishing operation on the RA and Dec worms and wheels of a mount having 15kg up to 25kg payload capacity. If you have to work on bigger mounts or if you re-built a mount after de-mounting, two tubs may be required.

Baader offer four machine greases:

Baader #1 Teflon-brown: from -15°C up to +55°C:
Very good dampening characteristics, very suited for enabling "less than perfect" mount drives to run smoothly. Not suitable for permanent use below -10 °C.

Baader #2 Teflon-white: from -25°C up to +40°:
This is the grease Baader use the most when refurbishing  quality mounts – with brilliant slipping-properties, ultra low slip-stick tendency and longlife-stability – suitable for all European temperature-ranges.

Baader #3 Arctic-cool: from -55°up to +30°C:
Excellent grease quality for low temperature application as prevalent at polar-circle regions – not suitable for permanent use at temperatures above 25°C

Baader #4 Ultra-Range: from -50°C up to +60°C
Wide stretched synthetic grease with constant viscosity across an extremely large temperature-range. Especially suitable for use in the mirror sliding fittings of SC-telescopes (i.e. Celestron), as the grease does not produce any outgassing, does not react to vapour pressure, does not harden over time and does not decompose into a solid and a liquid part over time.