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Turbo Film (Clear) 1.27m x 0.51m
Item no. 2459350
SRP: £26.00
Warranty: 24 Months

This is the essence of AstroSolar ™ safety film. A highest precision, crystal clear material (not "Mylar"). It is a monomer film and this film was used in german Science Institutes as optical membrane for nuclear and particle physics experiments. The basic substrate has been further refined and homogenized by a proprietary annealing process that was developed exclusively. Due to these treatments Turbo Film attains perfect homogeneity and performs equal to a 1/10 wave plane parallel optical window. In fact it has the lowest wedge error of any existing optical window. TurboFilm will protect your valuable optical equipment, close telescope tubes against dust and humidity, greatly reduce air currents - all without reducing the optical quality of your telescope.

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